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How do I order shipping supplies?2019-05-23T18:50:35+00:00

You can order Packaging Supplies online or by calling the Customer Service. Marldha will ship your supplies for delivery anywhere typically maximum 3-4 business days within the USA and Canada. It varies for other Countries.

What service do I use to ship my package?2019-05-23T18:51:41+00:00

Marldha Express offers reliable, time-definite delivery of your most urgent shipments to more than 220 countries around the world, all backed by our Money-Back Guarantee.

Where can I get information on how to ship a package?2019-05-23T18:52:57+00:00

Find out everything that you need to know before you ship any package in our comprehensive online Shipping Guide.

How do I apply for a job with Marldha?2019-05-23T18:53:45+00:00

A “document” shipment includes paper of little or no commercial value such as business correspondence, and generally doesn’t require a Commercial Invoice. A “non-document” or “product” shipment defines all other shipments and printed materials of value. Examples include clothing, automobile parts, sports equipment, books, etc. All non-document international shipments require a Commercial Invoice.

How do I get my package to Marldha?2019-05-23T18:54:30+00:00

You can choose from these options:
Drop your package off at a Marldha Drop-off Location

Arrange for a courier pickup online

Arrange for a courier pickup by calling the Customer Service

Use a regular pickup scheduled with the Customer Service

When do package dimensions determine my rates?2019-05-23T18:55:10+00:00

Shipments in Marldha-provided packaging are not currently subject to dimensional weight pricing. Dimensional weight is a calculation of a shipment’s weight based on the dimensional weight instead of its actual weight. To obtain a detailed rate quote, you will need to provide shipment dimensions along with the actual weight of your shipment.

How do I calculate dimensional weight?2019-05-23T18:55:44+00:00

For all Marldha Express shipments to any other country, dimensional weight is calculated by the following formula: Length x Width x Height (all in cm or all in inches)/ 5.000, communicated from time to time by Marldha.

Marldha reserves the right to assess transportation charges based on dimensional weight for all shipments.

Are there any extra charges for rerouting a package?2019-05-23T18:56:32+00:00

Yes, additional restrictions and fees may apply. There is no extra charge to hold packages for pickup instead of delivery, however the person authorized to pick up the package will require photo I.D. Marldha Money-Back Guarantee does not apply to shipments that are rerouted.

Marldha reserves the right to determine the mode of transportation (including air, ground, or other carriers) to get your shipment to its new destination as quickly as possible. Marldha will attempt to honor the new delivery request, but verification and handling procedures may result in delays.

Are there any extra charges for rerouting a package?2019-05-23T18:57:21+00:00

To inquire about job opportunities at Marldha Contact Marldha Vacancies

Is using a relocation specialist cheaper?2019-05-23T18:57:54+00:00

A. No. A Relocation Agent will charge you a reasonable professional handling fee. We do so much more than just the booking. We are available to answer all your questions and assist you through every step. Furthermore, you must go through a registered freight forwarder (i.e. Marldha Express) in order to get the Export/Import Customs clearance done.

How do I apply for a job with Marldha?2019-05-23T18:58:23+00:00

To inquire about job opportunities at Marldha Contact Marldha Vacancies

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“Our Retail Customer Center in Cincinnati, has used Musca Shipping Company to handle a variety of our shipping needs from local shipping to international shipping to Hong Kong. Musca Shipping provides a convenient, one stop shopping destination for all of our shipping needs.”

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“Musca Shipping Company has our total confidence when it comes to the shipping of what is often very delicate and highly valuable industrial machinery. We feel that we are setting the industry standard when it comes to quality control of material joining, multi-axis drilling, and precision laser welding.

We look for the same standards in our freight shipper and we have found it with Musca Shipping Company. They have the ability to fulfill both our domestic and international shipments. We highly recommend you give them a call.”

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